Reviewers Liked

  • Pentium M processor; more RAM, storage, and screen res than most netbooks; low price
  • Best processor on a netbook. 1080p videos played back beautifully. Good resolution. Lightweight. Runs on DDR3 memory. HDMI-Out included. Excellent battery life. Speedy netbook. Affordable
  • Really good battery life; better-than-Netbook performance in a Netbook size; high-def display
  • Long battery life, Attractive design, Strong Wi-Fi performance, Faster than netbooks

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Small keyboard; funky right/left mouse bar; only good for ancient games
  • Poorly designed mouse buttons. Keyboard can use some work. Poor speaker placement
  • Uncomfortable keyboard and trackpad; for a little more money you could simply have a full-size laptop
  • Glossy chassis smudges easily, Slower than competing systems, Stiff touchpad buttons, Long boot time