Gigabyte Force M63 FPS Gaming Mouse




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By APH Networks on 73

All in all, there are a lot of things the Gigabyte Force M63 has done right. For one, build quality and design is exactly what I expect from a seasoned manufacturer like Gigabyte. The mixture of red and black in a sleek and small package make the Force...

By on 80

After a good few gaming sessions and some everyday usage scenarios I am ready to report back on my final thoughts on the Gigabyte FORCE M63. If the performance is what you're after the FORCE M63 has quite a bit to offer. It features Omron switches and a...

By on

I'd say you get what you pay for with this mouse. This is a decent CS:GO gaming mouse, it's inexpensive, does the job, comes with the necessary feature(s) to give you a slight advantage in FPS games, but is nowhere near top of the line. I would...

By on

The Gigabyte Force M63 Raptor is a great FPS mouse. It's designed with the claw type grip in mind and features excellent customizability. You can remap every single button on the mouse to do whatever your heart desires and save up to five different...

By Modders-Inc on

I really don’t have any negative comments about the GIGABYTE FORCE M63 Raptor. My time which I had spend with it was very much pleasurable however, I did discover some discomfort after a few minutes of use. The way I usually hold my mouse is in the...

By eTeknix on

Pro gaming, eSports, LAN gaming, competitive gaming, it doesn't matter what moniker your hobby falls under, there's no doubt a lot of you out there that take your gaming pretty seriously. This can be on a professional level, or just as someone who likes...

International Review By on

今儿的主角是技嘉raptor迅猛龙 M63游戏鼠标的开箱!技嘉的外设在业内可能知道的不多,产品推出的也很少,但个顶个都非常给力。技嘉的机械键盘以及游戏耳机卖的都不错,今年后半年要有大量新品上市,但技嘉的游戏鼠标似乎少的可怜。今年技嘉面向全球征集鼠标设计作品,特别举行了Gigabyte「Make it Real活动!在这次的技嘉第一届滑鼠设计大赛」上,Gigabyte FORCE M63...

International Review By on

GIGABYTE RAPTOR (소 개)△ GIGABYTE RAPTOR 게이밍 마우스 소개영상오늘 소개할 마우스는 GIGABYTE RAPTOR 마우스이다.GIGABYTE RAPTOR는 대칭형 구조로 설계된 게이밍 마우스이며 사용자의 손가락이 거치되는 부분에는 러버패드를 부착하였다. 상단에는 게임 플레이 시 빠르게 DPI 값을 변경할 수 있도록 두개의 기능 스위치가 제공되며 상단 좌/우 프레임에는 스나이퍼 버튼 및 프로파일 변경 스위치가 탑재되었다....