Reviewers Liked

  • A solid device that's easy to use once you get the hang of it
  • Smooth ball skates the pointer across big desktops. Comfortable design with big buttons. Intuitive twist-to-scroll system. Controls iTunes in the background. View mode glides through long Web pages
  • Quality design & aesthetics, Smooth scrolling, Some media / application support
  • Large, comfortable trackball; stationary design; large, easy-to-press buttons; unique rotating-ball feature; Cursor, Media, and View modes
  • Comfortable for those physically unable to use a standard mouse; heads-up display conveniently shows the current mode

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • The inability to customise any of the buttons is a major drawback
  • Software lacks any customization. Can’t use twists to shuttle in timelinebased software
  • Noncustomizable button programming, Larger footprint than other trackballs, Relatively expensive
  • Trackball feels sluggish; rotating-ball feature less convenient for scrolling than a traditional scroll wheel (or the scroll ring used on Kensington’s Expert Mouse); buttons not customizable; expensive
  • Toggling between three modes complicates work flow; expensive; lacks Bluetooth; cant customize buttons or alter trackball sensitivity; large footprint