Reviewers Liked

  • Extremely ergonomic design, Not a bad price for a wireless mouse, DPI settings are good for nongaming activities
  • The full size, wireless Whirl Mini Laser Mouse for laptops offers antigravity comfort with pivot ErgoMotion. It is comfortable, smooth, and easy to use
  • Comfortable after adjustment period, Long battery life
  • Excellent tracking, Glides across good mousepad, Supposedly better for you than a regular mouse
  • Excellent tracking, Seems well made, Wireless and portable

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Extreme ergonomic design can cause you to focus on your hand, Not sensitive enough for gaming, Design is extremely cheap
  • Only offers two buttons
  • Limited programmable features, Takes some time to adjust to design, No Bluetooth compatibility
  • Feels awkward at first, No side buttons, Feels larger than it is
  • Takes a while to get accustomed to