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By ExtremeTech on 70

The relationship between the keyboard and the mouse has long been a rocky one, especially where PC gaming is concerned. One is loaded with buttons but offers no fine-tuned movement control; the other gives you near-complete freedom of movement, but...

By PC Mag on

While there are plenty of gaming mice out there with multiple buttons, we doubt there are too many quite like the WarMouse Meta ($79.99 direct). A gaming mouse said to "transcend the mouse" by the company of the same name, this 18-button behemoth also...

By Overclockers Club on

Taking a look at the WarMouse Meta, you were able to see exactly what the mouse's intended uses were by just looking at the design of the mouse; it is intended to be used for a productive computer power user who uses multiple shortcuts and macros in...

By Engadget on

The WarMouse Meta goes where no mouse has gone before. However, at the end of the day we can't help but wonder who could possibly remember how to use so many buttons on a single gadget. Sure, there's niche appeal for designers or gamers, but if...