Editors Liked

  • Simple to setup, Doesn't require a power cord or VGA cable, Uses 1 powered USB port, Portable
  • Lightweight. No power cable. Can be foound for as little as $100 online. Second USB cable in case your laptop's ports aren't powerful enough
  • Large screen; Bright; USB powered
  • Affordably priced. Good color and small text performance. USB powered. Auto-pivot

Editors Didn't Like

  • Will not rotate when connected to a Mac, Glossy screen shows reflections, Mac drivers not included
  • So-so quality. Portrait mode is Windows only. No brightness control
  • Limited horizontal viewing angles; Nonadjustable stand; Fingerprint prone chassis; Reflective display; Bulky
  • Weak grayscale performance. Narrow viewing angles. Reflective screen. Bulky