Editors Liked

  • Resolution, Design, Builtin iSight Camera and Microphone
  • Gorgeous display; beautiful design; works seamlessly with a Mac
  • The Apple LED Cinema Display's high resolution and screen coating gives it not only great performance in movies and games, but also in everyday tasks. The monitor works seamlessly when connected to a recent model MacBook, and provides a charging stati

Editors Didn't Like

  • Only a Mini DisplayPort, Price, Lack of an Adjustable Height Stand, Boot Camp Install is Needed for Windows Users
  • Difficult to use with Windows; expensive; limited connectivity options and physical adjustability
  • Thanks to Apple's decision to only include a Mini DisplayPort connection, the LED Cinema Display can only be used with Macs from late 2008 and on. Also, the display lacks ergonomic features and more-granular customization options. Some users will not