Editors Liked

  • Stylish design. Sharp, hi-res picture. Good color, text, and dark grayscale reproduction. Includes Webcam and USB hub
  • Ideal for displaying HD content, Includes plenty of multimedia extras
  • The Lenovo 215p has a stylish design and great overall performance. Also, it includes screen rotation, a Webcam, and four USB ports
  • Good performance; comes with USB and HDMI ports; sleek design

Editors Didn't Like

  • No height adjustment on base. Slightly expensive. Some tinting and light grayscale compression
  • Lacks a DVI connection, Unintuitive onscreen controls
  • The Lenovo L215p lacks a tilt and screen height adjustment option. Also, since it lacks a DVI connection, most will need to invest in a HDMI to DVI cable
  • No DVI connection; no built-in speakers; has trouble with darker grays