Philips 273E3




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By PC Advisor on 80

The refresh rate here is poor at 7ms and while you just don’t get bad ghosting effects on these modern displays, it wasn’t quite as snappy as the other two. The colour gamut coverage is fairly standard with 97 per cent sRGB, 75 per cent AdobeRGB and...

By PC Pro on 50

A bargain price for a 23in IPS monitor, but poor backlighting undermines its...

By Expert Reviews on 80

The 273E3 has good image quality and a generous warranty, but it lacks comprehensive image controls and its backlight isn't particularly bright...

By Trusted Reviews on 80

The Philips E-Line 273e3 enters the monitor scene with no great claims. It's not the slimmest monitor in town, not the cheapest and - at 27in - it's not so large as to command a ridiculous premium. Everyday features don't make a monitor an...