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By TechSpot on

Before we go any further, it's fair to say that all three A75 motherboards offer adequate performance, overclocking abilities, features and value. However, the point of this article is to determine what product we feel is the best option. In terms...

By on 90

In June AMD released the A8-3850 APU which achieved the highest award on Kitguru, for the combination of competitive price and excellent performance. Since then we have reviewed several motherboards, including the excellent ASUS F1A75M pro and...

By OCWorkBench on 84

this board has some of the nicest features on board. It has the power on/off, reset, clear cmos switches, debug led. Perhaps it is high time ASRock introduce one button overclock like what MSI and ASUS do. Overall, this board is worth considering if...

By Pureoverclock on

The ASRock A75 Extreme 6 and A55 Pro 3 both solidify ASRock’s position in the market as a full line motherboard manufacturer. Some may not realize Llano is rapidly becoming a major player in the mainstream desktop arena and both motherboards offer...

By TechwareLabs on

With the advent of any new chip-set being released there will invariably be a veritable smorgasbord of motherboards to accommodate the new platform. AMD’s Llano family of processors is no different and one such board to spring up is ASRock’s...

By AnandTech on

Our initial tests with the ASRock A75 Extreme6 were based on a pre-release model, and shown in our preview. At that point, the board design was not finalized and the BIOS was still quite raw, but the performance was essentially complete. However,...

International Review By PC for Alla Extreme on 77

AMDs nya APUer A8-3850 och A6-3650 har visat sig vara konkurrenskraftiga mot Intels Sandy Bridge när det gäller budgetsegmentet. När man inte skall använda de interna grafikkretsarna (eller intern grafik + enklare radeon hd grafikkort i assynkron...

International Review By NordicHardware on

Nya processorer kräver inte sällan nya moderkort. Så är även fallet med AMD A-serien och den så kallade Llano APU-familjen. Vi prisade den nya mellanklassfamiljen tidigare i sommar och nu har vi kikat närmare på hela sex olika moderkort, med minst en...

International Review By HardwareMX on

FinalesImportante: Las opiniones del autor son meramente personales, por lo cual el punto de vista individual es basado en experiencias adquiridas a través de otras revisiones, en un lapso de tiempo distinto. Esta revisión se hizo en base a...

International Review By HardwareMX on

Con la salida de Llano o APU por parte de AMD, solo era cuestión de tiempo para que empezáramos a ver las primeras Motherboard con el socket FM1. Por lo cual, siempre intentando brindarles lo último en tecnología, esta vez les...