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By Hardware Secrets on

Nowadays, Intel offers a wide range of socket LGA1150 processors, including some entry-level models. As such, there is no sense in building a PC with a low-end CPU using a high-end motherboard that uses the flagship Z97 chipset.The ASUS H81M-A is a...

By on

According to the results ASUS H81M-A , it is worth noting a very sound approach to the Taiwanese price positioning of its models. All the benefits of new items go perfectly with its very affordable cost, which at the time of writing was on average 75...

International Review By HardwareMX on 79

En cuanto a rendimiento es bastante similar a lo que hemos conocido con el chipset H87 en otras opciones de terceros, pero H81 sigue siendo una opción mucho mas accesible en cuanto a costo y rendimiento, sobre todo si no necesitamos muchos puertos o...

International Review By on

Entre tantas opciones de motherboards que existen en el mercado, sería lógico optar por una de las propuestas más recientes con Chipsets Intel 9-Series. Pero, ¿qué pasa si queremos armar una plataforma de bajo presupuesto?Afortunadamente, las opciones...

International Review By on

ASUS H81M-A / E3-1230 v3 TEST 안녕하세요. 플레이웨어즈 하드웨어 오버클럭킹 담당 NAMEGT 남대원입니다. 이번 테스트에서는 Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1230 v3 프로세서와 ASUS H81M-A 마더보드를 가지고 온도 및 소비전력, 간단한 벤치마킹을 i7 4770K 프로세서와 비교하여 성능을 알아보았습니다. E3-1230 v3 프로세서는 인텔 하스웰 기반의 제온 프로세서로,  4코어 8스레드,...