Gigabyte GA-C847N




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By Hardware Secrets on

Most Mini-ITX motherboards are aimed at SFF multimedia PCs or HTPCs. This is not the purpose of the Gigabyte C847N, because it lacks decent audio interface, with no SPDIF output nor independent analog audio connectors. The absence of USB 3.0 ports are...

By on

The Intel Atom processor for Mini ITX boards has reached end-of-life, so Gigabyte has transitioned to the Celeron 847 for the Gigabyte GA-C847N, a CPU that was originally made for entry-level laptops. It's not entirely clear what the intended target...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

Intel Atom voor Mini ITX-bordjes is end-of-life, vandaar dat Gigabyte is overgestapt op en de primair voor laptops bedoelde Celeron 847. Het is ons niet helemaal duidelijk op welke doelgroep Gigabyte zich met dit bordje primair richt: dankzij de twee...

International Review By on

작아도 있을건 다있는 Mini-ITX GIGABYTE GA-C847N-D 요즘 PC 시장은 개성이 강하다. 속이 보이는 튜닝 PC에서부터 최강성능을 자랑하는 고성능의 PC까지 유저의 입 맛에따라 자유자재로 원하는 PC를 구축할 수 있다. ITX PC를 찾는 유저들도 점점 많아지고 있는데 정작 ITX PC는 작은 사이즈 때문에 몇몇 사양들을 포기해야 하는 경우가 많다. 특히 HTPC의 경우 어느정도의 성능과 소형화가 조화를 이루워야되는데 이때문에 많은...