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By RegHardware on 80

The Mintpad has an excellent feature-set and is easy to use, but that screen really is small. The focus on the notepad facility, which is more developed than in other PMPs, is a clever differentiator. Indeed, a Mintpad with an iPhone-sized screen...

By T3 Magazine on 40

The Mintpad can be summed up as a jack of all traits but unfortunately the master of none. This is a shame considering that it promised so much- but the small size and portability is not enough to justify getting...

By eTech Reviews on

MintPass tablet was first supposed to come out by 2009 but the manufacturer couldn’t keep up the promise. However, this device is now slated to be released in this year and it will have plenty of interesting stuff onboard. Our sources say that it...

By IT Reviews on

Given the price of the Mintpad, and the fact that the 20GB version is only £30 more, it packs in a huge range of useful features. Video, audio, photos, Web, text and the eponymous notepad combine in a well-designed and pocketable gadget, but it...

By DAP review on

I had 2 hours with the mintpass mintpad today, so I decided to whip out my camera and do a quick first impression of the DAP for you guys. Well, Ive actually played with the numerous times, but whatever. Keep in mind that I wont go too much into the...