Reviewers Liked

  • Mouse and keyboard controls work well, even if you have to figure them out on your own
  • Using your bionic arm to swing around can be fun, Stringing armbased attacks together is cool, A couple of enjoyable setpiece sequences
  • Challenging, offers a good audio visual package, a good single player experience, plus swinging around is just too much fun
  • Swinging around Ascension is an exhilirating experience, Action and platforming are well paced, Awesome boss fights, Bionic arm is f***g badass

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Crap video options; lots of screen tearing and some graphical glitches; controls obviously still geared toward 360 controller
  • The shooting stinks, Lame story, featuring a completely unlikable protagonist, Radiation is annoying and restricts exploration, No effort made to tailor the port to the platform
  • Bland plot
  • Weak Plot, Some people may not like the swinging mechanic