Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 1




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As much as I wanted to go back to Rapture, Burial at Sea is short on story and simplistic in the missions available. It is still good to see some familiar sights being powered by the Unreal Engine 3. Hopefully, the second part of Burial at Sea can help...

By Gaming Nexus on

As the first entry in a new downloadable content (DLC) package, "Burial at Sea – Episode 1" has a lot of balls to keep in the air. The new content aims to serve as connective tissue between the three "BioShock" games, while simultaneously introducing a...

By Tom's Guide on

If there was any videogame world that deserved exploration beyond its boundaries in this console generation, it was Irrational Software's horror-tinged rollercoaster of a sunken objectivist utopia. I can vividly recall prowling the dark, decayed...

By on

Irrational delighted and (bio)shocked the world when they announced that the story-based DLC for Bioshock Infinite was going to be set in the undersea city of Rapture. I’m going to say this right now in the opening paragraph: if you haven’t yet played...

By Strategy Informer on

Perhaps Episode 2 will completely blow us away; but, as of right now, it's hard to recommend “Burial At Sea” as anything more than a piece of DLC to pick up during a sale. Mediocre plot devices twisted around a locale that should be so much better than...

By on

Burial at Sea, Episode One is good but not essential - the only piece of BioShock story content you could say that...

By PC Gamer on

Bioshock Infinite est pour moi le jeu de l'année 2013. Certes, il a été beaucoup critiqué, en se basant sur des arguments que je n'ai jamais réellement compris (scénario déjà vu, gameplay à la ramasse etc. ce qui me laisse plutôt penser à une envie de...

International Review By on

Die große Frage lautet: Ist Burial at Sea Episode 1 wirklich 15 Euro wert? Die Frage lässt sich -leider- nur mit einem „Jein“ beantworten. Fans der Serie werden sich über die Rückkehr nach Rapture freuen. Auf der anderen Seite: Nach einem stimmungsvollen...

International Review By on