Editors Liked

  • Very detail-oriented character generation process
  • Extremely flexible hero customization, Fun, actionpacked combat keeps you busy, Attractive, vibrant art style, The nemesis system is a great idea
  • Absolutely beautiful graphics, appealing visual style, Character skills are fully customizable, Travel powers very early on, Lots and lots of abilities to choose from

Editors Didn't Like

  • The rest of the game feels like a checklist MMO thats severely lacking in meaningful content
  • Not enough missions and only five regions, Flexibility can lead to imbalanced characters that arent much fun to play, A number of underdeveloped features
  • Idering the low level of detail in the actual textures, this is headscratchingly frustrating. In contrast, competitor game City of Heroes runs almost perfectly on both computers and even looks alright on nongaming laptops once the textures are toned down