Combat Wings: Battle of Britain




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By GamePyre on 90

Sometimes twenty bucks ends up getting you a bargain, sometimes the money is wasted and sometimes you end up somewhere in between. Combat Wings - Battle of Britain had a lot of potential but threw it all away by not incorporating joystick controls in...

By DreamStation on 60

As long as it is cheap and if you want to get someone an easy fun game who just does not have the computing power or know how, then this game is perfect. If you see it on the way out of the store at a bargain price, you will get your money’s...

By IGN Gear on 70

Like most of the budget-priced games weve seen from Polish developer City Interactive, Combat Wings: Battle of Britain is decidedly imperfect. In this case, that imperfection manifests itself by way of erratic controller support, questionable design...

By Gaming Nexus on 77

City-Interactive’s Combat Wings Battle of Britain is something a little different for me: an unapologetic arcade-style flight combat game. My normal tastes run to the more realistic sims like the Ubisoft IL-2 Strurmovik and Pacific Fighters style...