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By Destructoid on

When I first played Cosmochoria at PAX, I had to be pulled away from the demo station because of an appointment. The game's blend of calming gardening mixed with tower defense and space spelunking really jived with me. As I left, developer Nate Schmold...

By EuroGamer on 85

In other words, Cosmochoria is an exploration game in its purest form. A dozen hours in, many of its deepest mysteries continue to elude me, but it doesn't really matter. "In our hearts, we hope we never discover everything." E.O. Wilson, the great biologist and ant expert said that. I think he would have liked Cosmochoria just as much as I do.

By HardcoreGamer on 80

Cosmochoria is a wonderful, unique little shooter, filled with instantly-accessible action but with an adorably quirky style that instantly sets it apart. The naked little spaceman and menagerie of playfully-designed aliens make the galaxy a fun and lively place to explore.

By on

My favourite thing about Cosmochoria is how it's a space game that actually feels like it may have come from a distant galaxy. This galaxy's been watching our world, certainly, but it hasn't been paying too much attention. As a result, this is an arcade...

By Destructoid on

Cosmochoria is a Kickstarter success story that is now about to see the light of day. It's a mix of exploration and tower defense all wrapped up in a warming, yet occasionally stressful package. There's a strong sense of wonderment to the randomly...