Dariusburst: Chronicle Saviours




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By EuroGamer on 85

Being a meticulous reproduction of a once out-of-reach arcade experience doesn't guarantee it mass appeal, but there's magic awaiting those who can commit to felling three brief stages on a single credit. Given the shape of today's gaming landscape and the tastes of its patrons, however, it's not a title that can be easily recommended to everyone. Considering that it's the best thing since tuna sashimi, I really wish it could be.

By DarkZero on 90

Darius is a series of shoot-em-ups that really should get more recognition alongside similar classics such as Gradius and R-Type. Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours stands as an example to truly reinforce that, and while the price-tag is high compared to...

International Review By sitegeek.fr on 75

Si l'on exclut l'aspect financier de la chose, Darius Burst Chronicle Savious est un très bon shmup que les nostalgiques, autant que les fans d'arcade, devraient s'arracher. Seulement, à 49€ pour une version dématérialisée, ce n'est vraiment pas une...