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Expert reviews and ratings

By Gaming Nexus on 88

The first glance at Democracy 3 can cause an immediate "it's too complicated" reaction, but the well-designed interface enables a fairly quick understanding of how to manage the policies required to create your own personal political utopia. For those...

By PCGamer on 68

Democracy 3’s secret weapons are its pace, topicality and moral mischievousness. Generating popularity often means Judas-kissing deeply held personal beliefs. Which reminds me... I’ve got fracking and death penalty bills to approve.

By PC Gamer on 68

Fascinating, fast, and friendly but far too forgiving. Wait for the patches and iron man/lady...

By Strategy Informer on 70

These collective problems make D3 feel slightly less than it should. This is an excellent combination of concept and design, but needed more, more, more. The core game itself utilises a fine engine with which to play with, but the actual core of the...

By CriticalHit on 78

Democracy 3: Africa is great fun. For fans of the original game, it offers some new challenges and achievements, while still being interesting for newcomers. It may not the most evenly paced strategy game, it will still steal hours of your time without...