Depths of Peril



Depths of Peril

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By GamePyre on 80

to write about a video game. If the quality of sound and graphics are a top priority to you then you may want to do yourself a favor and go check out Fallout 3 or Fable II. However, if you can get past the best sounds and the sharpest graphics in a...

By BrightHub on 60

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By Games Radar on 80

At the time of writing, Iron Lore, makers of Titan Quest, have just gone bust. A THQ Creative Director put the blame pretty firmly at the feet of software piracy.While it’s easy to sympathise - there’s nothing funny in hundreds of thousands...

By Gaming Nexus on 46

Aleria: A brutal world. Jorvik: The barbarian city. It’s your self-proclaimed duty to enthrone yourself as the singular ruling entity over Jorvik, although the other barbarian covenants within the city all share the exact same dream -- and...

By DarkZero on 70

Depths of Peril does nothing new, and at times harks back to games of old with many of the mechanics it uses. If you ever heard the name Diablo before then you should already know what to expect from this Action RPG, as the game showcases that...