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Expert reviews and ratings

By Game Chronicles Magazine on 58

Enemy Engaged 2 has some serious problems but they do not make the game unplayable, just detract from your enjoyment. The graphics and visual effects of a bleak terrain do not help the game out but the great open style of mission setup add greatly to...

By GameZone on 55

PC games nowadays are having a hard time appealing to the masses. Casual gamers are leaning towards playing World of Warcraft and are often play their favorite Sims title to death. Meanwhile, hardcore niche games are struggling to gain a lot of...

By Custom PC on 59

Decent gameplay, but let down by poor graphics and a lack of detail. Flight simulators are few and far between these days, and good ones are as rare as hens teeth. For this reason, the arrival of Enemy Engaged 2 - the sequel to the rather splendid...

By Strategy Informer on 53

Enemy Engaged 2 follows up from the highly acclaimed Enemy Engaged: RAH-66 Comanche Versus Ka-52 Hokum. Although quite a mouthful, the first instalment in the series changed the way people viewed flight simulators and put the genre back on the map....

By V3.co.uk on 20

Marrying your ultimate nemesis would be more...