Europa Universalis: Rome Vae Victis




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By NowGamer on 71

Not a mandatory purchase for EU Rome fans, but a reasonably priced expansion. 7.1/10Print this pageUser reviews (0)Share this pageNoticed something wrong? Report error/mistake.Add to my profile pageGame...

By Gamers Daily News on 67

Europa Universalis: Vae Victis, developed and published by Paradox Interactive, is, by far, the deepest strategy game I have ever played. So much that nearly every citizen has a name, a face, traits, desires, and are better suited for certain roles in...

By Hooked Gamers on 70

Paradox’s Europa Universalis series is something of an enigma for me. Each new game released plays pretty much the same as its older brethren, merely offering a setting in a different era and minor differences in production lines, units and...

By Strategy Informer on 48

Paradox Interactive’s expansion pack for the Real Time Strategy title, Europa Universalis: Rome [Vae Victis] costs a meagre $9.99. Expansion packs are often a problematic choice. You can expand your favourite game for a reasonable sum, or save up...

International Review By GameElite on 80

Med expansionen Vae Victis förflyttas vi återigen till antikens Rom där spelarens strategiska tänkande ställs på prov såväl inrikes som gentemot andra nationer. Europa Universalis-spelen har alltid varit till för dem som vill ha en riktigt djup...

International Review By GamePlayer on 70

För ett halvår sedan lanserade Paradox Interactive sitt sidoprojekt till Europa Universalis-serien, med titeln Europa Universalis: Rome lyfte man fram aspekter av det politiska spelet som aldrig riktigt fått något uttryck i...