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Frog Fractions

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Expert reviews and ratings

By FlashMush on 85

From parts of Frog Fractions I can see that TwinBeard Studio has the potential to make some pretty awesome games but he went this route to make almost what I would call a fad game or a meme game. Either way it seems tons of people love Frog Fractions and I'm just one odd ball in the sea of flash game critics so check it out for yourself!

By SlickTiger on 100

Whoever made this game is either some kind of unrecognised genius or completely batshit crazy, but either way, Frog Fractions is a great game if you have a sense of humour and about an hour to kill.

By Geekenstein on 100

I should warn you that there’s a possible NSFW credits sequence at the end, so you may want to wait until you’re with a group of friends to play this one. Oh, there’s another point! This game is good when experienced alone, but it’s great when a group of friends are watching you play, and inputting their own confusion.

By GamesTM on 90

It makes Frog Fractions an extremely clever deconstruction of the medium, though many people won’t care about that so much. They’ll be too busy chuckling away to themselves, scratching their heads trying to figure out how a can of bacon milkshake can get their frog safely home from deep space