Frontline: Fields of Thunder




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By Expert Reviews on 60

Hammy voice acting and ludicrous accents have been an integral part of real-time strategy (RTS) games since the original Command and Conquer. Frontline: Fields of Thunder breaks the mould by using real German and Russian voices for its tank crews...

By IGN Gear on 64

On the whole, Nival can be proud of the longevity and reception of their Blitzkrieg series. By taking the basic concepts of most hardcore wargames and placing them in a more familiar RTS style of play, theyve managed to bridge the gap between the...

By Play TM on 60

Despite what Historians might have you believe there were some parts of the Second World War that perhaps werent as interesting as the others. Dont get me wrong, the death of a human being no matter what the scenario is a tragic thing, and should...

By Strategy Informer on 80

Frontline: Fields Of Thunder details the biggest tank battle in the history with such devastating realism that youll probably emerge from your room with specks of mud and blood clinging to your skin. Thats what happened to me anyway. But seriously,...

By IT Reviews on

Blitzkrieg-like WWII war game: Thank goodness for WWII, or companies like Nival Interactive wouldnt have found such a fertile creative source for their games. The Russian developers have earned a respected niche in the RTS wargame market with their...

International Review By Subdogs on 60

Blitzkrieg kom 2003 och blev snabbt populärt bland fans av realistiska taktiska krigsspel. Ett antal officiella och inofficiella expansionspaket utvecklade serien vidare. 2005 kom uppföljaren Blitzkrieg 2 som försökte rida på framgången från ettan...

International Review By Level 7 on 60

Intensiv realtidsstrategi fokuserad på historiska slagDet här är Paradox Interactives senaste alster om andra världskriget och uppföljaren till det fyra år gamla Blitzkrieg. Fokus i de historiska kampanjerna ligger på intensiva strider...

International Review By on 60

r du torsk på andravärldskrigsspel? I så fall kan nog Nival Interactive mätta din hunger. Dessa ryska spelutvecklare har tidigare bjudit oss på nöje i form av Heroes of Might and Magic V. Frågan lyder dock, klarar de av övergången från hjältar till...

International Review By GamePlayer on 50

Att placera Frontline: Fields om Thunder i trakterna kring Kursk, sommaren 1943 är ett noga utstuderat beslut. Den geografiska och historiska miljön renderar ett koncentrat av vad realtidsstrategi egentligen handlar om, slaget vid Kursk blir...

International Review By TweakUp on

Endnu en titel fra Paradox Interactive, som er kendt for at lave imponerende strategispil, sidste gang Europa Universalis III. Denne gang har de valgt en mere dynamisk og innovativ realtime strategi-genre. Frontline – Fields of Thunder følger i...