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Expert reviews and ratings

By HardcoreGamer on 70

At the very least, Goliath is a valiant effort in adapting a series of unique mech battles into a more fantasy-themed action RPG. If it weren’t for a few poor issues with the story and some kinks in some of the gameplay elements, this could have had a chance at bring one of the classics in the genre. As is, though, it’s still a rather nifty adventure with a ton of gorgeous ruins to explore and a wide variety of killing machines to craft.

By pcpowerplay.com.au on 50

A great premise hampered by a smirking script, repetitive combat and arbitrary...

International Review By gaming.si on 80

Goliath spremljam že dalj časa. Sprva sem ga zasledil na Kickstarterju in že na prvi pogled se mi je zdel zelo zanimiv. Žal je tam klavrno propadel, saj je bilo od zadanih $50.000 zbrano le malo več kot $12.000. Za mnoge bi to pomenilo konec, ampak...

International Review By actugaming.net on 50

Les petits gars de chez Whalebox Studio tentent de nous proposer leur vision de l'action/aventure avec Goliath.Présenté comme un monde ouvert aux allures minimalistes, ce titre, bien qu'ambitieux et avec de bonnes idées, s'emmêlent les pinceaux dans des...