Grandia 2: Anniversary Edition




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By on 80

When Grandia II was first released back in 2000, it was easily one my top three RPG titles released on the Dreamcast. Originally developed by Game Arts, Grandia II definitely showcased the power and abilities of the Dreamcast system with great visuals...

By Gaming Nexus on 85

For as much as I love the Dreamcast, I have learned to accept the console's many faults. It was good at so many things, but lousy when it came to traditional role-playing games. Your options boiled down to a few forgettable third-tier adventure games...

By Gaming Age on 80

In 1997 Game Arts released one of the best RPGs of the PlayStation and Sega Saturn era, Grandia. The game was very well received and Game Arts made the decision to create more games in the series. Grandia II was the second attempt at success and was...

By on 76

Grandia 2 Anniversary Edition is a barebones package with a few graphical enhancements. If you never checked this out...