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Gratuitous Space Battles

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Expert reviews and ratings

By Games Radar on 70

There’s something compelling about lasers across a backdrop of nebulae. It reeks of science fiction: the delight of things burning and exploding in space. But ‘gratuitous’ might not be quite the right word for this particular...

By Destructoid on 80

Usually, most declarations of one game genre or another being "dead" are just hot air. That said, such sentiments are probably closest to truth when applied to space games. Space games are somewhat rare, just a few titles standing out of the pack....

By AtomicGamer on 85

The promotional text I've seen for Gratuitous Space Battles makes this independent space strategy game sound like it's got no depth: it "aims to bring over-the-top explodiness", makes fun of diplomacy and resource collection, and shamelessly...

By Gamers Daily News on 80

Which personality represents your play style more? Captain Kirk or Captain Picard? If you know who they are and actually have a preference on the matter, then you are one step closer to enjoying Gratuitous Space Battles.No, I don’t mean...