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Published June 20th 2006. Written by Ian. The original Guild Wars was the first time I really got into an online RPG. Notice I say RPG rather than MMORPG because Guild Wars was different. Although thousands could be playing online at any one time, you...

By DarkZero on

Guild Wars Factions has a lot to recommend it. The game doesnt make it easy to find like-minded players, but the more you get involved in the Guild Wars community, the more satisfying the experience becomes – and best of all, theres no monthly...

By PC Advisor on

The follow-up to the innovative Guild Wars features a large new fantasy world to explore and enough competitive and cooperative role-playing action to easily keep you busy for weeks....

By CNET Australia on

I’ve watched the Guild Wars series progress from world beta events to the release of the first expansion, and I can say that ArenaNet does a great job of listening to what their fans want. The gameplay is now as polished as a new katana and...

By Game Chronicles Magazine on

It was an idea ahead of its time. Create a massively multiplayer online game, then charge people for the retail version of the game, but do not charge a monthly subscription fee to play it – thereby making it a ‘free’ MMO. When Guild...

By GameZone on

First up, an admission: I’m afraid I can’t describe this as the definitive review of Guild Wars: Factions. It’s an enormous game, packed with content, and much of that content is inaccessible until you hit the highest levels of the...

By Trusted Reviews on

We are welcomed into the world with stunningly beautiful scenery, vivid colours and vast areas, a general must for any MMORPG really. As usual there are plenty of options available for you to tune the game to the specifics of what you need or want....

By Strategy Informer on

Für waschechte Rollenspieler gibt es nur wenige Dinge die schöner sind, als durch idyllische Fantasiewelten zu reisen, in denen man virtuellen Persönlichkeiten hilft, Monster schnetzelt, Schätze erbeutet und den Charakter zu einem...

International Review By PlayMassive on