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Expert reviews and ratings

By ImpulseGamer on 70

Big Sandwich Games has brought us an addictive action packed game called Hoard. In Hoard you are a huge fire breathing treasure hungry dragon. Your whole goal is to steal as much money and treasure as you can from the pesky humans building in your...

By Game Chronicles Magazine on 70

Everyone knows about the fantasy cliché of the knight slaying the dragon to save the princess. Games usually explore the knight’s point of view, usually metaphorically, but what about the dragon’s story? In Hoard, you’ll be stepping into the shoes of...

By Neoseeker on 80

You know those old fairytales about dragons guarding big stashes of treasure and kidnaps princesses? Hoard lets you be that evil dragon, and as it turns out, being the bad guy can be a lot of fun. In the words of Dark Helmet, "Because good is dumb."...

By Strategy Informer on 55

Hoard is a game where you play a dragon flying around destroying villages, capturing princesses and plundering treasure. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun? It would take a supreme lack of effort to make such a wonderful idea go bad. Sigh....

By Games Radar on 70

Hoard is an action-strategy game where you play as a fire-breathing dragon. If that doesn’t immediately grab your attention, there’s probably something wrong with you. Being a dragon of the Tolkien variety, you’re a particularly greedy bastard who...

By ign.com on 75

Hoard is a refreshing little multiplayer game that lets you be the bad guy for a change. Designed for short matches against other players, it's a somewhat limited experience, but burninating the countryside is definitely a lot of fun. Hopefully the...

By Ars Technica on

If there's one thing that Hoard makes clear, it's that dragons are jerks. Big mean jerks who will burn down a village and kidnap a princess just to get their claws on some gold. The debut title from Big Sandwich Games, Hoard blends the gameplay of...