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By on 85

Ironcast is an intriguing hybrid-genre game, blending match-three puzzle games with turn-based strategy together in a light rogue-like setup. At face value, it can be seen as short. Once you figure it all out, a successful run can be done in two or...

By Game Chronicles Magazine on 80

A rather clever mix of game genres that works on so many...

By EuroGamer on 100

If you've got the stomach for the learning curve, you can probably cut it in this army. And if you can, you'll discover a game that's tense and personable and clever.

By Hooked Gamers on 50

Tally-ho, old chap Victorian Era England has been feuding with the French over a valuable mineral known as Voltite, with which mech-like weapons known as Ironcasts were made. Since the British had stolen some of the French supply, the French have...