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Ironclad Tactics is the Plants vs. Zombies and Civil War mash-up I never knew I wanted. It's a fast-paced strategy game that takes the best elements from collectible card games and merges them an alternate history lesson that is so over-the-top that I...

By Gaming Nexus on

A clever reworking of the card-based strategy game formula, which could stand to be just a little more...

By PC Gamer on

If a few joints can be tightened, a few rough edges filed down, Ironclad Tactics could hum along nicely. For now, however, I wouldn't recommend you climb aboard this one. It's a rickety ride.

By EuroGamer on

Ironclad Tactics does precisely what it sets out to do. It's more accessible than Zachtronics' previous offerings, but it doesn't lose too much complexity to achieve that. Co-op is fantastic and complements the game quite well.

By Co-Optimus on

There's no need to melt Ironclad Tactics down for scrap, but problematically, there's also no compelling reason to currently play it either.

By SlantMag on

Ironclad Tactics is a mean old coot beloved by Lady Luck. He fights fair but your hand of cards may disagree. Seemingly allergic to the very idea of tutorials, Ironclad Tactics has an incredibly hands-off approach to player guidance and a no-holds barred attitude when it comes to battles. It will smack you around. Hard.

By USGamer on

Charming presentation and rewarding gameplay make a great game. It might be a little short, but only if you don't indulge in any of the extra goodies or multiplayer.

By Leviathyn on