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By Gaming Nexus on 74

Everybody loves to jump on the “retro” train. Just take a look at the Indie category on something like Steam and you will see many devs crafting games that harken back to the classic 8- or 16-bit days of gaming, specifically in the visual department....

By HardcoreGamer on 70

JumpJet Rex should be a resounding success. It’s got all the elements there but they don’t quite fit together right. The level design is excellent, Rex is a really cute little guy, and his move-set is well thought out.

By ztgd.com on 80

When I was a young boy with no cares in the world, I played some cool platforming PC games. Stuff like Duke Nukem or Jazz Jackrabbit, side scrolling platforming titles that let you play a few levels or episodes before having to pay for the rest of it....

By gamecrate.com on

There's a lot of fun to be had with JumpJet Rex, though the game sometimes goes out of its way to frustrate...