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By GamePlanet on 75

Another well designed level is added to Valve's zombie shooter. Pity it's all over so...

By IGN Gear on 85

PC gamers get The Passing for free, and even if it wasn't gratis, it would be worth an investment. For 360 owners, I'm happy to help you breathe a sigh of relief when I say that The Passing is an excellent, meaningful addition to Left 4 Dead 2,...

By Neoseeker on 87

Anticipated by fans since its announcement, The Passing DLC unites the Left 4 Dead one and two Survivors as they rally to escape a small town that's fallen to the infectious zombie outbreak. With a whole new set of challenges, the two groups must...

By Zath UK on

There isn’t much that could have been done to make Left for Dead 2 completely different from the first Left 4 Dead game, but why would you want to change it? Hordes of Zombies! Exploding heads! High probability of death! And a frying pan!...