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By Gaming Nexus on 80

Whenever you need a hand, you can always count on your family. No matter how much trouble you're in, no matter how much your back is against the wall, you family will always be there for you. What better way to repay them than to…sacrifice them? Yeah,...

By New Game Network on 59

Barely notable enough to be worth mentioning, but a fun little outing nonetheless. I'd call it 'cheap and cheerful', but there's plenty more 'cheerful' out there for equivalent levels of...

By PC Gamer on 59

An inventive puzzle game that’s too short and easy to recommend—worthwhile only for the novelty of its...

International Review By on 72

Lukas Kohmann: Life Goes On bietet für kleines Geld gelungene Unterhaltung, wenn auch nur für einen überschaubaren Zeitraum. Dabei entfaltet das Spiel zwar nie das ganze Potential, das sich hinter der grundlegenden Idee versteckt. Spaß machen die Rätsel...