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By Trusted Reviews on 90

Bolstered by an attention to detail that few games can match, Lumino City's paper crafted world may not have the most testing puzzles, but it delivers them with such style that it's very easy to find yourself melting into its environment, breezing...

By EuroGamer on 60

Such failings hurt more than they should because there's so much promise here. Promise of truly human games that bear the smudged fingerprints of the people who made them, and whose playgrounds truly exist somewhere, stacked in a shed or under the stairs. Lumino City is an interesting design sketch, then, but the real building work is yet to be done.

By GameInformer on 75

It hits the familiar notes of the genre without veering into the dangerous realm of frustration, but doesn’t experiment with structure in any meaningful ways. It toes the point-and-click line with its mechanics, characters, and story but its hand-crafted aesthetic is what elevates it into the realm of something special worth experiencing.

By on 60

Lumino City has an architect - and it's the architecture that makes the most lasting impression here. Like Lume before it, State of Play's latest takes place against a backdrop of physical models, pieced together from cardboard and wiring and doll's...

International Review By on

Сразу после выхода в 2011 г. милой коротенькой адвентюры Lume игроки и критики в один голос стали требовать продолжения. Дело в том, что Lume создана с применением редкой сегодня техники стоп-анимации (в нашей традиции – кукольной анимации), а все...