Monster Madness: Battle For Suburbia



Monster Madness: Battle For Suburbia

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Expert reviews and ratings

By Custom PC on 67

A zombie-bashing game with hordes of the undead to cut down to size, but few surprises to inspire you to keep fightingUnlike many of their supernatural brethren, Zombies lack the ability to shape-shift, fly, turn invisible or invincible or even move...

By GameZone on 50

When I read the Previews and saw the promotional material about this game, it looked and sounded quite awesome. The promise of killing zombies and assorted monsters — using a superb gaming engine to do it — who wouldn’t want to try it?...

By Expert Reviews on 20

Monster Madness is an arcade-style action game with inoffensive cartoon-like visuals. Your job is to protect surbubia from the zombie and monster hordes by taking on the role of high school characters Zack, Carrie, Andy and Jennifer. Our four...

By Yet Another Review Site on 50

If you want a game to sell, there are a couple of things you can do to help it along. You could include a short, fat, Italian plumber. You could add a blue hedgehog. A busty brunettes in hot pants and Lycra tops work well. But one thing that always...

By IT Reviews on

So nearly good. But not.: If games were made on paper, then Monster Madness would work. A kind of old-school shoot-em-up with new generation production values, it should have been the very drink that Xbox 360 and PC gamers would be...