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Expert reviews and ratings

By Gaming Nexus on 77

From the independent developer/publisher GamesFaction, Project Aftermath is a prime example of why more attention needs to be paid to the indie companies. This squad-based RTS plays enough new variations on the traditional RTS theme that it merits a...

By NowGamer on 83

Project Aftermath is a professional-looking and thoughtfully designed RTS. 8.3/10Print this pageUser reviews (0)Share this pageNoticed something wrong? Report error/mistake.Add to my profile pageGame...

By DarkZero on 70

Space is a particularly uninviting place, scientists will have you believe that it’s mainly empty, a dark lonely void. And with its constant expansion, there’s a lot more of that so called nothingness being created. Taking all that into...

By Games Radar on 70

Project Aftermath is surprisingly competent. It’s even fun. It’s a fast, arcade action RTS which initially seems shallow, but has just enough depth to keep you going. The game is all about earning GOOP by killing enemy units and completing...

By Cheat Code Central on 70

Games Faction, a tiny, independent developer with a staff of three released their first major title, Project Aftermath. Their creation is a solid RTS title in the vein of other great games such as Warcraft, StarCraft, and Dawn of War. The game has an...

International Review By GamerLobby on 62

Seien wir mal ehrlich: Warum sollte ich für die Boxed-Version von Project Aftermath 30 Euro zahlen, wenn ich die englische Download-Version für 20 US-Dollar bekomme? Abgesehen von der durchaus netten Verpackung hat sich nichts verbessert und...

International Review By GamingXP on 68

„Projekt Aftermath“ ist ein solides Strategiespiel das Spaß macht, vor allem deshalb, weil es sehr günstig ist: Über die Entwicklerseite wird das Spiel online vertrieben und kostet gerade mal 9,99 US-Dollar. Stundenlanger...