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Revenge of the Titans

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Expert reviews and ratings

By on 60

The hordes of descending aliens seem flat and generic, and Revenge of the Titans is rather unforgiving in some respects. In particular, the persistent nature of the campaign's resources can present some intimidating challenges. Even so, besting the...

By Strategy Informer on 85

Over the years, tower defence games have become very much the Marmite of the gaming world. This is down to a number of key factors, the main one being that Flash game developers have simply shoved the original concept into a corner and proceeded to...

By GamePro on 90

A stellar retro-inspired aesthetic and engaging real-time strategy gameplay make Revenge of the Titans a fantastic indie effort from developer Puppy Games.Game name: Revenge of the Titans Platform: Downloadable (PC/Mac/Linux) What is it?...

By on 70

Revenge of the Titans does a lot of clever stuff within the tower defense genre, emulating the same rules-based gameplay that made the genre popular while adding new complications. But it is also let down by the flaws that plague the genre -- the...

By PC Gamer on 77

It’s simple, well executed and, so long as you’re not bothered by a little trial and error with your research, good...

International Review By GameCaptain on 71

In Sachen Umfang ist Revenge of the Titans durchaus gefällig, zumal man durch unterschiedliche Prioritäten in der Forschung die Kampagne auf ganz unterschiedliche Arten lösen kann. Die bewusst spartanische Optik kann man kaum objektiv bewerten, das...

International Review By GamingXP on 82

Nach dem Tribut an „Space Invaders” mit „Titan Attacks” und der „Paradroid”-Homage „Droid Assault” beglückt uns die Retrogameschmiede Puppygames mit einem epischen Mix aus Real Time Strategy und Tower Defense. „Revenge of the Titans“ nennt sich das...