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Rise of the Argonauts

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Expert reviews and ratings

By Gamers Daily News on 55

Kdy€ vezmeme v úvahu nesmírný úspěch série God of War lze jen stě€í uvěřit, €e a€ doposud se neobjevili tisíce napodobenin sna€ících se...

By NowGamer on 47

A botched and protracted, but curious interpretation of a good yarn. 4.7/10Print this pageUser reviews (1)Share this pageNoticed something wrong? Report error/mistake.Add to my profile pageGame...

By GamePyre on 68

This game had a lot of promise but I have to say no sale. The storyline, although very inaccurate compared with the actual story found in mythology was the best aspect that this game had to offer. Mixed with great voice acting the game is at best...

By BrightHub on 80

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By Gameplay Monthly on 58

I think this game is at least worth a play. But play it until you get to the first island, give it a chance, do not stick to a first bad impression, if you have one. Actually I didn’t like the beginning, but as I progressed, I found the game to be...

By New Game Network on 77

Rise of the Argonauts was perhaps just released at the wrong time. During the pre-holiday rush, the game got lost among bigger titles out on the market. Also being often delayed and then deciding to release it last-minute did not help it any. But...

By Games Radar on 60

Rise of the Argonauts tries its best to copy the “modern” Action RPG stereotype set forth by games like Mass Effect and Jade Empire. As King Jason, you travel from place to place in an attempt to find the golden fleece and use it to...

By Gamers Daily News on 55

Considering the immense success of the God of War series, it’s hard to believe that there haven’t been a thousand copy-cats trying to cash in on the surprisingly unsaturated genre. With the exception of a few terrible movie to game tie-ins...

International Review By Gameswelt.de on 63

Muskelbepackte Männer, schöne und grazile Frauen sowie eine Geschichte voller Sagen und Mythen. Dies sind die Zutaten für Rise of the Argonauts. Hinzu kommen eine Menge Action und Blut - ob das aber auch wirklich ein Erfolgsrezept ist?...

International Review By GameCaptain on 71

Cooles Szenario, gute Story, unterhaltsame Kämpfe, gelungene Charakterentwicklung – hinter all diese Punkte kann man bei getrost ein Häkchen kritzeln. Leider konnten die Entwickler ihre Versprechen in einigen anderen Bereichen aber nicht...