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By Games Radar on 70

Often, an unremarkable game can inspire the most conversation. Though a score of 8 was the height of our passion for Dawn of War: Soulstorm, we spent drunken, ranting hours discussing it. How, we asked, can an RTS come up with a truly satisfying...

By Strategy Informer on 80

The GoodSaga takes place in a fantasy setting, but one that’s been built with a lot of options so that the kingdom you create has its own look and feel, different from Billy Joe Sue Bob’s kingdom just down the road. Designing your kingdom is, in...

By IGN Gear on

Our jobs require us to walk a fine line between getting reviews up in a timely fashion and spending enough time with a game to discover all its nuances. And nowhere is that balancing act more difficult than with massively multiplayer online games....