Reviewers Liked

  • A gorgeous, fun reboot to an old-school FPS game
  • Goretastic swordplay and shooting
  • Surprisingly good graphics
  • Not feeling like a racist for enjoying Lo Wang's antics
  • Plenty of upgrades to acquire and experiment with
  • Substantial campaign with more challenging modes available
  • Secrets to find on each map
  • A host of achievements to unlock
  • Combo mode is easy to use and innovative

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • No multiplayer to speak of - a rarity with FPS games
  • Mindless slicing, shooting fun may be too mindless for the serious gamer
  • May feel too restrictive for some
  • Gets old well before the end
  • Some underwhelming weapons and boss battles
  • No incentives to keep playing once you've won