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Shadowgrounds: Survivor

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Expert reviews and ratings

By Fusion Mods on 80

Shadowgrounds Survivor is a top-down shooter thats very reminiscent of the top-down shoot em ups of the 90s. You play from the points of view of three survivors of an alien attack that are just trying to stay alive (and sane). The game is divided...

By Game Chronicles Magazine on 75

At first I found Shadowgrounds to be a tired attempt at a horror-themed shooter, but once I was able to come to grasps with the control scheme and use the camera angles to my advantage, the game really took a major turn upward. Most third-person...

By Armchair Empire on 80

For all of the good "serious" science fiction stories, movies, and games out there, there are the "bad" sci-fi stories, movies, and games. Not all "bad sci-fi" is created equally. There are some "bad" sci-fi titles where the idea on its face is...

By Games Radar on 70

Dec 17, 2007The very mention of the words “space” and “shooter” can often make the average games journalist imagine numbers below 2 while he thumbs through a thesaurus for words like “awful.” The kicker is...

By GameZone on 77 | Digg This | Glink It Steam, part of the Valve powerhouse and Sierra companies, has quietly created a one-two punch of all-out action and bloody carnage with the Shadowgrounds series. In it, players assume the role of one of the...