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Sid Meiers Railroads!

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Published November 19th 2006. Written by Thomas McDermott. I don’t like trains – they don’t amuse me and I view them as extremely loud vehicles intent on making as much noise as possible hissing and clunking as much as they can. I also...

By DarkZero on

Like most games bearing his name, Sid Meier’s Railroads! is wonderfully simple to learn, but extraordinarily difficult to master. There’s no canned storyline to follow, just seven scenarios that plant you in Germany, France, Great Britain,...

By Maximum PC on

Modern trains are often criticised for being overcrowded, under-financed and poorly run. However, the mid-19th century was a golden age for railways, a romantic era of technological breakthroughs that revolutionised transport, industry and...

By Expert Reviews on

Shael MillheimClassification: G7.0The game is proof that a big name tacked onto a game does not necessarily guarantee a great game. It just seems like a game trying to ride on name recognition alone. Maybe Railroad or Sid Meier fans are all a gush...

By ImpulseGamer on

"Sid Meiers Railroads!" Features Connect cities and industries by laying track and setting up train routes to pick up products. Buy stock in your company and the competition, with the hopes of eventually buying them out. Play single player mode...

By on

Hit the track with this new rail sim from an old...

By on

This is not a game I would usually buy off the shelf at the local retailer as I usually avoid Sims and that genre of game titles as they bore me to death. For some reason though the thought of trains grabbed me by the kid inside and I decided to take...

By GamePyre on

Sid Meier’s Railroads is Railroad Tycoon Lite. The level of enjoyment will depend on whether micromanagement and tough economic challenges is your style, or whether you just want to build a booming rail empire and watch your trains chug along....

By GameZone on

Spec: Strategy, 1-4 Players, Everyone By cnet on


There’s something about building railways which makes a much better tycoon game than any of the horrid spin-offs; the laying of track, setting routes, delivering cargo, circumventing old routes with new routes, laying double lines on congested...

By Strategy Informer on