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SiN Episodes: Emergence

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By Cheat Code Central on 80

Weapons are limited to a pistol, shotgun, sub-machinegun and explosives in the forms of grenades and explosive canisters. All of the weapons have a great feel to them. They are solid, destructive and very satisfying. They have girth. When firing the...

By Yet Another Review Site on 80

This review originally posted at MentalGamers - Episodes is a new concept in gaming as far as I'm aware. Basically the plan is to release a number of small "episodes" of a larger game. Each...

By Maximum PC on 80

Episodic games are widely regarded as the saving grace of the gaming industry. Instead of spending years creating 20-hour-plus full-length games, developers can build five-hour chunks of a game, and release them more frequently and for a lower price...

By GamePyre on 94

Well, what can I say? Did I like the sound, the graphics, the gameplay and the story? I frelling loved them! Was I happy with the length of the game? For twenty bucks, yeah, I definitely was. Was I happy at the prospect of shelling out another $160...

By on 80

Clearly the ‘episodic’ approach is the latest fad in computer gaming. We saw something similar this month with the new Half-Life 2: Episode One game – a short-ish, budget-priced instalment of a well-established franchise. Well, here we...

By Gameplay Monthly on 78

Electronic Arts This game marks the first of many ?episode? style game releases. Instead of a full sequel to the original Sin game, Ritual partnered with Valve to release multiple shorter episodes. This is the first of those episodes....

By Game Chronicles Magazine on 80

I wasn’t much a fan of episodic content before this game. I didn’t think they could include enough to warrant a $20 price tag but SiN Episodes: Emergence has gone a long way towards disproving that assumption. I was also quite pleased with...

By Game Boyz on 76

"Would have been a 9 but...." Ah, Sin. The land of mutants, drugs, and well-endowed villainesses. In other words, much like any summer music festival, except that you have a gun. For those unfamiliar with the game, Sin was originally released October...

By GameZone on 75

The original SiN (no pun intended) hit PCs nearly a decade ago. Offering cinematic gunplay, high body counts and great graphics courtesy of the original Quake engine, SiN was a fun shooter. However, the game had the unfortunate disadvantage of coming...

By Gameguru Mania on 72

SiN Episodes: Emergence(hx) 08:53 PM EDT - May,28 2006 SiN Episodes: Emergence is an episodic first person shooter set in the SiN universe. You play the role of John Blade, commander of HardCorps, whose investigations into a drug operation and bank...

By cnet on 73

Spec: Action, 1 Player, Teen

By Trusted Reviews on 70

I don’t suppose many people remember Sin, and those that do probably remember it as an okay first-person-shooter with nice scripted moments and an attractive female villain with big breasts. Sadly, this wasn’t enough for a game that came out...

By Neoseeker on

For many gamers SiN often would fall into the realm of classic gaming, a once intense shooter for older generations lost in the ages with the introduction of more and more FPS games, Ritual moved on in their own work during this time and for the most...