Reviewers Liked

  • Gameplay is well-balanced
  • Visuals and sound capture the Warhammer 40k atmosphere well
  • Captures the feeling of the Warhammer 40K setting very nicely
  • Singleplayer campaign mode makes this a great starting point to learn the game
  • Design is true to the original Space Hulk board game
  • Great tactical depth due to the smart core rules system
  • Tense and absorbing mission design

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Hotseat mode is effectively unplayable without a UI overhaul
  • Enemy diversity suffers due to the Space Hulk setting and rules
  • Too many bugs, glitches and oversights in evidence
  • Overly simplistic enemy AI in singleplayer mode
  • Second-rate production values
  • Limited multiplayer options
  • Glitchy, typo-riddled and otherwise unpolished
  • Only 12 missions
  • Some odd framerate issues even on high-end PCs