Reviewers Liked

  • Superb gameplay
  • Nice variation among single-player (campaign), skirmish, and online multiplayer modes
  • Huge maps lead to battles spanning multiple fronts
  • It's fun to unleash experimental units and watch them wreak havoc
  • The campaign is excellently paced and gets you invested
  • Visual and online performance is as smooth as silk
  • Improvements abound, from slight art tweaks to considerable streamlining of previously frustrating features
  • Story and voice acting don't really sour or sweeten the campaign experience

Reviewers Didn't Like

  • Updates are too big and you can’t play unless you update
  • Unit pathfinding is clunky
  • Completely abandons the Supreme Commander ethos
  • Lacks multiplayer ranking and matchmaking
  • Mediocre-looking
  • The AI doesn't put up much of a fight
  • Veterans won't immediately take to some of the changes over the original
  • Still a little bit of a demanding game hardware-wise
  • Smaller maps may rub previous SC fans the wrong way, even with better landscape design