The Elder Scrolls 4: Knights of the Nine



The Elder Scrolls 4: Knights of the Nine

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By AtomicGamer on 78

When The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was released last March, people were falling over each other to buy it. It was one of few hardcore RPG titles over the years to sell millions of copies, and gamers loved its combination of complexity with...

By GamePro on 85

Bethesda has already released a few add-ons for their groundbreaking open ended RPG Oblivion. Some of these, specifically the much maligned horse armor add on, have earned the developer its fair share of...

By on 100

A great Knight?s...

By GameZone on 85

When you first step out into the open after having been imprisoned in a dank, dark cell, it takes your eyes a few seconds to adjust to the wide open space that is the world of Tamriel. This is the feeling you’ll get at the beginning of Elder...

By cnet on 83

Spec: Role-Playing, 1 Player, Mature

By IT Reviews on

significant add-on to an excellent game: There are two ways of buying the Knights of the Nine Expansion pack for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. You can head to and unbelt $9.99 or you can pay 14.99 for a DVD, which isnt...

By Gameplay Monthly on

Bethesda Softworks In 2006, after countless delays, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was finally released. It received wide praise from old and new fans of the series alike. It boasted over a hundred hours of gameplay including various...

International Review By on

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