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By The Mac Observer on 80

Review - ToCA Race Driver 3 by , 8:00 AM EST, November 12th, 2008 When I reviewed FlatOut 2, I noted that Im not as big a fan of realistic racing games as I am of the smash em up kind typified by that title. Now I must partially retract that...

By Expert Reviews on 100

TOCA 3 recreates motor racing from the year dot to the present day and it does it with style. Most games pick a single genre, such as track racing or rally driving, but TOCA Race Driver 3 gives you all of them. Its graphics are spot-on and the cars...

By on 80

Drive yourself to distraction with more motor sports than you can shake a gearstick...

By Trusted Reviews on 80

People of Britain, stand up and shout “hurrah!” In the TOCA series, we have a racing franchise to be proud of – one that can stand up to the might of Gran Turismo or Project Gotham Racing, and still bring something new, something...

By cnet on 85

Spec: 1-2 Players, Everyone

By Expert Reviews on 100

TOCA Race Driver 3 is one of the most ambitious racing games ever. Most games pick a single genre, such as track racing or rally driving, but TOCA gives you all of them. Theres a mix of time periods, so you can strap on some goggles and race...

By IT Reviews on

excellent balance between arcade and sim racer: TOCA Race Driver 3 proves that there is a third way. It sits in a racing genre that has effectively split into two splinter groups. On one side theres the deathly-serious simulation, where everything has...

International Review By Subdogs on 60

Toca Racedriver-seriens kännetecken är den uppsjö av bilsporter som erbjuds i samma förpackning. Toca 3 tar konceptet ytterligare ett steg och innehåller allt man kan tänka sig från gokart till formelbilar och lastbilsracing. Här finns banracing,...

International Review By Smartson on

Ett bilspel som har hög närvarokänsla och är bättre än sina två föregångare. Utbudet är stort, men detta har sina nackdelar. Testarna påpekar att spelet är utmärkt ifall man gillar...

International Review By on

Att mångfald är av godo kan alla som levt i en diktatur intyga. Samtidigt är det svårt att avfärda begreppet "less is more", åtminstone om vi rör oss i mer populärkulturella sammanhang. Vilket uttryck som passar det fullmatade ToCA Race Driver 3...