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By Expert Reviews on 60

As the Orc god Aziraal returns from the dead and war threatens to engulf the land, you take the role of a mercenary trying to find your kidnapped sister, taking on missions for gold and favours as you continue your quest. Your reputation precedes...

By Custom PC on 77

A decent if not dazzling RPG with some interesting online modes. Set in the mythical world of Antaloor, Two Worlds is a role-playing game (RPG) that puts you in the steel boots of a sword-for-hire mercenary, hot on the trail of his kidnapped sister....

By Game Chronicles Magazine on 61

If you’ve been wondering if Two Worlds is worth picking up, the answer is no. Sure, the screen shots and gameplay elements make it attractive on the outside, but once installed, the game loses all appeal. If you can get around the game’s...

By GamePyre on 74

As hard as I tried to get into the plot I could not. I never felt a link to the world so when I was introduced to a new faction or a new person I lost track of everything else and soon the story and all the groups vying for power seemed very...

By Play TM on 75

Ive never been much of a dungeon dweller. I never got into Diablo or Dungeon Siege, and their myriad friends. Im not even a massive fan of RPGs. But I liked Oblivion. It was such a momentous leap in open world gaming that the quality and...

By GameZone on 71

A bounty hunter and a lady (his sister), Kira, riding on horseback through a storm. She falls from the horse, bleeding from a wound. The man goes to find shelter and a mysterious figure approaches the woman. “So you thought you could run from...

By on 60

A role-player that?s chock full of character-building...

By IGN Gear on 73

You have to wonder why a developer would deliberately position their game in the long shadow cast by a hugely successful title like Oblivion. Sure, the market is obviously there, but it seems like such a cruel fate to thrust upon your brainchild,...

By Atomic MPC on 60

Roleplaying games come in a few flavours. There’s the hack’n’slash kind, where conversation is kept to a minimum and you focus on beating up creatures, levelling your character and getting phat loot. Then you have the RPGs that are a...

By Strategy Informer on 62

Sometimes it’s no bad thing to get a game with few surprises and no haughty attempts at redefining a genre. This is one of those times.Two Worlds is in no way original, but judging by the inclusion of such standard fare RPG elements, characters...

By IT Reviews on

flawed but adventurous RPG: Much has been made of the revival of role-play gaming thanks to the arrival of the latest chapter in the Elder Scrolls series, Oblivion. It has huge maps, classy graphics, a lot of open-ended play and...

International Review By on 70

Propio del género de rol, Two Worlds juega con la moral de tus personajes, que tendrá mucho que decir en el transcurso de los acontecimientos y en el que los combates cuerpo a cuerpo harán las delicias de los jugadores más...

International Review By Clubic on 80

Malgré ses qualités, lindiscutable charme qui se dégage du jeu et toutes les bonnes intentions de ses développeurs, il nous est impossible de terminer cet article sans penser aux deux mastodontes du jeu de rôle PC. Two Worlds est un bon titre, cela...